Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rule#7: Learn to Lead

“Leadership is getting someone to do what they don’t want to do, to achieve that they want to achieve” -- Coach Tom Landry

Roles of a Leader

     Being a leader is not to be friend with you employees or to be more skillfull or more intelligent than your employees. A good leader is able to hire and fire people, to run small and big meeting, and to connect and motivate pepole. Being a leader is about being able to inspire and connect with people, and to lead them to make something happen.  

“Leadership is about organizing people, and motivating them to work together toward a common goal.”

Good Leaders 

     Good leaders must understand distinction between activities and outcomes. Activities are what being done, but outcomes are the goals.


“Passion is a critical part of your job. If you're not passionate, let me either help you become passionate or help you find something else that you are truly passionate about.”
     If people think you have their interest in mind, you will have greate conversation with them. 


     Most people tend to focus on themselves. With or without knowing, people cut the other off when they find to the topic or the attitudes uninteresting, and try to force they own thought into the others. It’s not gonna work if both sides talks about only what they are interested in. Only when the others believe that you have best interest in mind, will a true conversation begin. This is the 7th habit of highly effective people: “Seek first to understand, then to be understood” (see The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven R. Covey)

Leading Few or a Lot of People

     Leading few people is not as hard. You can fire them up with your passion. And, if you are good, they’ll be excited and work very hard for you. But as your company grows, you have more people. And, you don’t see them every day. So you need a good communication plan. 


     A party is a good place for networking. If you have a company or you are the boss of the department, you may throw party from time to time. It is a good place for people to get to know each other, to share their passion about what they are working for (company or department), and to expression appreciation toward each other. In the party, they are forced to be together (perhaps without knowing). A quiet person might be approached by others, getting an opportunities to know more people.

Likes or Hates

     No one is liked by everyone. So, a good leader is not the one liked by everyone. But, a good leader would be liked by most people. The size of the group of people who like you should be large enough to create momentum and make something happens.
“No good leader will be universally liked.”

How to Learn to Lead

     First, ask yourself these questions:
  1. How well can you communication? Can you get you message across? Are you a good listener? How much effort do you put in when dealing with people?
  2. How clear is your destination? If you’re clear about it, you have to make a promise to your people. Can you fulfill your promise?
  3. Can you put your ego aside? First, are you an idea person or a get-stuff-done person? Can you step aside and delegate others if you cannot do up to your own expectation?
  4. What do you truely want to do? Staring or running business? These two task are quite opposite. Most people cannot do both because each proceeds with different mindset. Do you want to be rich or to be King?
“Your venture is only as good as its best saleperson.”

Source:The Intelligent Entrepreneur: How Three Harvard Business School Graduates Learned the 10 Rules of Successful Entrepreneurship by Bill Murphy Jr. 

Book or Audiobooks?

Personally, I prefer audiobooks. It's fun, and I can listen when I'm doing something else. It also makes other activities (e.g., jogging) a lot more fun. For more detail about audiobooks, please read [this post].

There is one more reason that may encourage you to go for the audiobook version. You can get it now for FREE. Audible offers you a free trial for 14 days. Even if you get the book and cancel the subscription right away (so that you don't have to pay), you can keep the book. And, don't worry if you lost the audiobook file. Just log into You can keep downloading the over and over again.
About the summary: It takes time to finish up a book. And, when you do, sometimes, you want to review what you learn from the book. If you do not make  notes as you read, you might have to go through the book once again. This can be time-consuming when you are dealing with a book. But you can still flip through the book and locate what you are looking for.

However, when the material is an audiobook, it is extremely hard to locate a specific part of content. Most likely you will have to listen to the entire audiobook once again.

This book summary will help solve the pain of having to go through the book all over again.

I am leaving out the details of the books. Most books have interesting examples and case studies, not included here. Reading the original book would be much more entertaining and enlightening. If you like the summary, you may want to get the original from the source below.

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