Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Toy Inventing in the 21st Century: Hard Plastic vs. the Attention Economy

         I have never known that "toy inventing" business is so much different from "toy business", not until I watched this video.
"Toy stores and toy companies sell toys. Toy inventors sell toy concept" 
          In short, toy inventors are more like authors, while toy companies are like publishing house.

     This video presents interesting concept of inventing toys for 21th centuries where smart phones and tablets are widely available to kids. Here are three key strategies for toy inventors:

  1. Bring your toy to the screen
  2. Put an iPhone in it!
  3. Walk your iphone around

Here are a few companies which apply these concepts:


           HappiTaps, which makes iPhone cases. With the right apps, you can create an interactive dolls (like bears) for your kids.


         Kids like cars. If you give them a car toy, they will to roll it around. You can make them happier by buying them track where they can roll their car upon.
         The video blow shows how it works!

Hot wheel from Apptivity

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