Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why, Compassion, and Curiosity

          BILL DEROUCHEY talked about the important of asking questions why. Usually, we start with 'what' are we going to do?, and then we ask 'how' are we going to do it? But often, we forgot to ask 'why' are we doing it?
          This is in contrary with a kid, where they always ask 'why'. When we gave an explanation, the kid replied with another 'why'. When we gave the kid another reason, we got another 'why'.
          So, 'why' is a very basic questions that a lot of us forgot to ask. Why the user need your product? Why do the customers care about your campaign?, and so on.

UX Week 2012 | Bill DeRouchey | The Power of "Why?" from Adaptive Path on Vimeo.

Compassion and Curiosity

          Unfortunately, asking why isn't enough, as there are wise 'why' and dumb 'why'. We need to ask relevant 'why's. To do so, we need to keep two things in our mind: Compassion and curiosity. We need to truly care about others to ask 'why'. And, we need curiosity to fire us up, and ask why.

Source: B. Derouchey, "The Power of 'Why'?", UX Week 2012, London, UK.

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