Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Build the Future by Brian David Johnson

Crafting Future

          Crafting future is so much different from predicting future. We can never predict future. If we could, we would have been rich by now. But, we can craft future. Our decision today will influence what will happen tomorrow. Here, we do not mean one or a few human. We, here, mean people. If we wanted to change future, we would need to change the way people perceive the future. That's how we craft the future.

Human, Machine, and Future

         Look at people around you. And think how different they behave from the past. Decades ago, you would see people on the bus sleeping, reading, or... being bored. But, todays, you see people using cellphone, texting, reading on tablets, and so on. We, as a human, try to talk to machine more and more everyday.
        As we interact more with machines, machines interact more among themselves as well. As we walk through subway, we see smartcard talk to the reader. As we drive through a toll way, our car talk to Electronic Toll Collector (ETC). It is as if the machines have become alive and had their own society.
       In future, you will see more of these trends. So, one of the safe bet is to learn how to work with machine. In the simplest form, learn to use office projects like words, excel, and power point. Then, if you can, try to grasp the concept of computer programming by learning how to program. Having this skill would be a great asset in future.

Other Quotes

"Data is meaningless until it touched the life of people."
"Science and Technology have progressed to the point where what we build is only constrained by the limits of our own imagination." -- Austin Rottner, CTO--Intel Corporation

Recommended Book

Title: Nine Algorithms That Changed the Future: The Ingenious Ideas That Drive Today's Computers 
Author: John MacCormick

Well, I have not red this book. But it is definitely on my reading list. If I get to read it, I will document it and share it with you guys.

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