Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Designing a New Relationship with Government by Jennifer Pahlka

           Jennifer Pahlka gave a talk at UX Week 2012. Her talk is about how Code of America work with various government. Code of America is quite interesting it's a place where, if you can take a secondment from your company, you can apply for a one-year fellowship and get a chance to help government work with citizen. To me, it's quite interesting. I think this is one of the project/company that will make this world a better place to live.

Working with Government, Really?

           Government is not all that bad. Perhaps, it's because of the media that repeatedly reports about corruption and wrong doing of the governments that made us think of the governments so badly. But, people who work for government are not all that bad. They give us service as much as they can. Sadly, sometimes, their service isn't as good as we expected.

          If you think about it, government is us. It's what we put together under a certain set of rules that most of us find acceptable.  So what the government do is what we do together. Perhaps, they might not be as good as we expect. But, if we still don't give up on the government, the government will be better, well, more or less.
"Society becomes how you behave" -- Eric Lui and Nick Hanauer

Other Tips

          Three important things when working with governments are efficiency, transparency, and participation.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) 

          MVP is a technical term in the design domain. It refers to what you want to design. It's plain, simple, and cheap, yet it's usable to users.

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