Sunday, January 5, 2014

Partners and Customers

“A reference is good. A customer or partner physically sharing the stage is even better.”

Benefits of Sharing the Stage

  1. It keeps presentation interesting
  2. It covers up your weak points. Know what you don’t know, admit it, and find someone who is good at it to share the stage with you.
  3. It corroborates the fact. Most people suffers from group bias symptom. In other words, people believe what others believe. So affirmative speech from other users or your partners would convince the audience.

Give Credits Whenever You Can

        For most of the time, your work need help from others. So, whenever possible, give credits to your colleagues and their family. Also, you need to thank your audience and customers for their support.
        Being grateful is a good thing. People will look up to you. Your team will be automatically encouraged to work harder due to the acknowledgement. It only takes a small fraction of you time to gain that much advantage
        Also, do not blame others in your presentation, even if it’s true. No one like seeing negative things. The only good thing about blaming is that it makes you feel better. Nothing else gets better.
“If we screw up, it’s not somebody else’s fault; it’s our fault”--Steve Jobs
Source: The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience 

Book or Audiobooks?

          Personally, I prefer audiobooks. It's fun, and I can listen when I'm doing something else. It also makes other activities (e.g., jogging) a lot more fun. For more detail about audiobooks, please read [this post].     
          There is one more reason that may encourage you to go for the audiobook version. You can get it now for FREE. Audible offers you a free trial for 14 days. Even if you get the book and cancel the subscription right away (so that you don't have to pay), you can keep the book. And, don't worry if you lost the audiobook file. Just log into You can keep downloading the over and over again.

    About the summary: It takes time to finish up a book. And, when you do, sometimes, you want to review what you learn from the book. If you do not make  notes as you read, you might have to go through the book once again. This can be time-consuming when you are dealing with a book. But you can still flip through the book and locate what you are looking for.

However, when the material is an audiobook, it is extremely hard to locate a specific part of content. Most likely you will have to listen to the entire audiobook once again.

This book summary will help solve the pain of having to go through the book all over again.

I am leaving out the details of the books. Most books have interesting examples and case studies, not included here. Reading the original book would be much more entertaining and enlightening. If you like the summary, you may want to get the original from the source below.

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