Sunday, February 2, 2014

Death, How We Strive to Avoid it, and What We Can Do About It.

Listen to a philosopher, Stephen Cave, talks about death and how humanity has tried to escape death. He left an interesting idea of how alike our life and a book are. Find out below!

          Here are what I find interesting:

Four Forms of Immortality

     Throughout our history, there are 4 categories of what we do we escape death. 
  1. Elixir: Humans has searched for medicine, a fountain of youth, or something of the same sort  that can make us young and live forever. Ancient Babylon, Egypt, and China HD looked for it, and they had not succeeded. Today, we are still searching for it. But we use different terminology like hormones or stem cells. 
  2. Resurrection: Another way to live forever is to rise again after death. The story of Jesus rose after his death is an example of this category. Today, we talked about cryogenic, where we freeze ourselves up and thaw ourselves after a few hundred years when we want to live again.
  3. Soul: The idea is to  leave our body behind and live as a soul. For thousands of year, Buddhist s and Hindus believe that our body is just a shell and our real self is our soul residing within our body. In the digital age, we reinvent this concept by trying to upload our consciousness into a computer and to live in the digital world forever. 
  4. Legacy: This is perhaps the most plausible one. It is what you left behind. It could be tangible objects like a painting  or your children. It could also be intangible things like legend.  Again, today, it us so much easier to leave behind legacy. All you need are great content and internet connection. 


     We are greatly influenced by bias. We often believe things most people believe, even if it's not rational. Everyone has fear of death, and so do we.
"The fear of death is natural but not rational", because
"When we are here, death is not. And, when death is here, we are gone" 
"Death is not an event in life: We do not live to experience death."--LUDWIG WITTGENSTEIN, a philosopher.

What We Can Do: Be a Good Book

    A book is bounded by its cover. But the story within the book knows no limit. It doesn't matter how long the book is. It doesn't matter whether it is a short column in a newspaper or a multi-column trilogy novel. A good book is judged by the story within its covers.  
      Just like a book, you should not be afraid of life after death. In fact, you should not care about things after death or even before birth. Your life would just be terrific if you have a great story from birth to death.

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