Friday, May 2, 2014

Learn from Reading 'Leadership 2.0': Development

Good leaders develop themselves to keep up with fast-changing world. Moreover, they push their people to develop themselves by creating an energetic culture.

Life-Long Learning

Life is a journey full of learning. Be a life-long learner. If you stop learning, people will just walk pass you. Here are few strategies to help your development skills:

  1. Compete with yourself and contain your ego.  When you do, you will see that you will never be good enough. There will always be room for improvement.
  2. Learn from your failure. Don't make excuses like bad luck or bad economy. Failure is not always a bad thing. At least, it can get your ego in check.
  3. Read.
  4. Stretch your capability. Find a good tutor to learn new skill. And, do it regularly.
  5. Be humble. Ego makes you think that you are invincible and stop develop yourself. Get rid of your ego, and you will become a great life-long learner.
  6. Collect quality feedback. Use 360 degree refine assessment. Collect the collective result anonymously to avoid bias.

Developing Others

Do not surround yourself with weak people. Develop them and let them help you. Here are strategies which help you develop others:

  1. Frame your intention. Focus on your people, not yourself. Develop them. Give them assignment to try out their freshly learn skill.
  2. Allow failure. During the development, It's ok, if they fail. But you need to step in to provide support quickly. Sit down with them to analyze the failure. The goal is not to make them promise not to do the same mistake again, not during the development phase. You should together discuss what went wrong, what's the cause of it, and what they should do next time.
  3. Shape their thinking process. After you know the cause, you can offer them alternative and give them time and space to try out.
  4. Show them your failure. Tell them your experience and emphasize that they can be like you.
  5. Be a coach. Focus on asking, not telling. Telling them what to do is quick and easy, but your people won't learn anything. When they discover the solution themselves, they will not only be proud about it but also remember it very firmly.
  6. Set goals and how to measure them. Make them specific. Make sure that your people know about what they are after.

"Acting as a coach means you focus on asking rather than telling. It's tempting for efficiency sake to tell people what to do so they can get it right and move on. But people don't learn anything from this, and it doesn't bolster their confidence."
Source: Leadership 2.0 by Travis Bradberry, Jean Greaves 

Book or Audiobooks?

          Personally, I prefer audiobooks. It's fun, and I can listen when I'm doing something else. It also makes other activities (e.g., jogging) a lot more fun. For more detail about audiobooks, please read [this post]. 
          There is one more reason that may encourage you to go for the audiobook version. You can get it now for FREE. Audible offers you a free trial for 14 days. Even if you get the book and cancel the subscription right away (so that you don't have to pay), you can keep the book. And, don't worry if you lost the audiobook file. Just log into You can keep downloading the over and over again.
    About the summary: It takes time to finish up a book. And, when you do, sometimes, you want to review what you learn from the book. If you do not make  notes as you read, you might have to go through the book once again. This can be time-consuming when you are dealing with a book. But you can still flip through the book and locate what you are looking for.

However, when the material is an audiobook, it is extremely hard to locate a specific part of content. Most likely you will have to listen to the entire audiobook once again.

This book summary will help solve the pain of having to go through the book all over again.

I am leaving out the details of the books. Most books have interesting examples and case studies, not included here. Reading the original book would be much more entertaining and enlightening. If you like the summary, you may want to get the original from the source below.

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