Monday, July 6, 2015

[Brain Rules for Baby] Post 1: Introduction

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“Parent need fact, not just advice about raising their children."

Too Much Information

There are too much information about parenting. Friends, families, websites, blogs, and so on contribute to information overload. But the majority of these are just factoid. It is better to rely on scientific-based information which is more reliable.

Research on Parenting is Hard.

This is because of the following four reasons:
1. Every kid is different. So, there is no universal parenting advice. On top of that, environment can also affect the result. What ones need to do is to spend time with kids and learn what works and what doesn’t.
2. Every parent is different. Different households had different priority and therefore different style. Kids raised in more than one household will be confused in what to do.  In such environment, we need 100% cooperation from parent and relatives, which is impossible.
3. Kids are influenced by others. In other words, they are more affected by friends and society than parent.
4. Behavioral research takes time. Some actions might take effect 20 years later. The research this requires patient, meticulacy and dedication. If the experiment was not designed properly, we could easily waste 20 years of research.

Human Evolution and Parenting

About 10,000 years ago, we evolved to be what we are today. Our brain got bigger. We walked upright. But walking upright requires narrow pelvic bone which causes pain when women give birth. If the baby’s head is too big, it could be dangerous to give birth. But if the head is too small, we wouldn't be the smartest animal on earth as we are today. So humans gives birth when the skull is still soft, meaning the brain has not been fully developed. Babies cannot help themselves at birth, and we require ‘parenting’.
      Parenting is what make us different from animals. It not only make babies survive. But it also create relationships. Parenting does not belong to mother and father only. It could belong to anyone who needs to care for kids. Mother and father do not raise kids all by themselves. They do it with the aids of society.
“If you feel as though you can’t do it alone, that’s because you’re never meant to."