Do You Read?

We all have our reason to read. Some did it because it's fun. Some did it to improve themselves. Some did it because someone said it's good for them.

For Me It's Audiobook

For me? I was not a book worm. I didn't like reading. I was busy doing something useless such as playing video games. But something happened in 2010. I first listened to audiobook in 2010. Then, I knew that although I don't like reading, I like learning something new. I don't have patient to sit down and read for several hours. But I do enjoy listening to audiobook while doing other activities such as working out, driving brushing teeth, and so on. It's amazing how much time you gain by reading while doing these activity. Audiobook literally changes my reading habits. From a person who almost never read, I am now reading about one book every month.

My favorite audiobook agent is AUDIBLE. It is a subsidiary of Amazon. I subscribe to a yearly plan where I get one book a month. I recommend you to try it. I also have a promotion link where you can get your first book for free. Please click [ this link ]. If you'd like to find out more of why, I like audiobook so much, please read [ here ].

Why Am I Doing This?

Again, I like learning something new. So I usually pick non-fiction, science, business, self-development, and biography books. There are few reasons that I make notes from books.

  • Usually, I can't learn something by just reading. I need to make a note. After finishing the book, I can review the note to refresh my memory and to see what I learn from reading this book.
  • Making note is beneficial especially for audiobooks. Here, I don't have benefit of flipping through pages in order to find the information I need. But here, I can look through the note I find the information I need. 
  • Life is too busy. Some people just don't have time to read entire book. Yet, they like learning. So, here is my service to you. I read the book. I digest it into a more compact and informative content you can consume in a short time. How about that?

Last Words

After the above introduction, if you and I are similar, I hope you will find the content on this blog useful and worth your while. I really like to know whether anyone actually like what I do here. So I would be very much appreciated if you can just spend a little of your time giving me your feed back. If you don't have time to write comments, at least please click on reaction (e.g., "interesting", "cool").

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